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BleuText is powered by a deep neural network AI from Microsoft that transcribes or translates your recordings. BleuText securely, and privately streams your recorded audio to the AI for translation or transcription, and the results are streamed back in real-time to your phone. Your recordings, transcriptions and translations are completely private and only retained on your mobile device, no other copies of your data are retained anywhere else, ever. ​

Transcription is only as good as the recording it is transcribed from. Background noise, low volume and other problems can make transcriptions inaccurate; this is true for human or AI transcription. External directional microphones improve recordings.​

Record, Transcribe, Translate

​​BleuText records audio and then securely and privately transcribes or translates the audio to text directly from your iPhone or iPad. BleuText is fast and easy to use saving time and money. BleuText is great for Journalists, Medical Professionals, Lawyers, Investigators, Law Enforcement, Researchers, Presenters, Teachers, Students and anyone who works with conversational audio.