You can start, pause, continue and stop recordings. The recordings will continue running in the background. When a phone call comes in the recording will stop if the call is accepted.

All of your recordings are saved locally on your device. Recordings are .wav files. Transcriptions and translations are .txt files.

All .txt files include the language code of the language they are in.

You can listen to a recording by tapping a .wav file in your list of files, and select the play option.

Playback options include: Play, Pause, forward, rewind and stop.


Transcription and translation are done by a Microsoft deep neural network AI. 

When you choose "Transcribe" you will only need to select a "From" language. If you select "Translate" then you will need to select a "From" and "To" language.

Your selection will start immediately after tapping the button. The transcription/translation screen has two windows. The top window shows the text as it is processed by the AI. The lower window shows the final results of the processing. You can cancel at any time.

When processing is done you can save the file or select Send Email. When you tap Send Email, the email app will appear, and the text will be copied as the content for the email. If you select save the file will be saved to your device. 

Transcribe And Translate

BleuText Features