Record and process up to 90 minutes of audio.

Record, pause, continue and save recordings.

Record in background while using other apps.

Works with built in microphones or external mics.

Punctuation and corrections are made to your audio during transcription. Filler words like ‘um, ah, and uh’ are edited out as are repeated words.

 Transcribe from 10 languages, Translate into 60+ languages.

 Each language translation saved as a separate text file.

 Send transcribed or translated text and attach original recordings in email from inside the app.

 Files can be exported by connecting your device to a computer with iTunes.

 Recording and text files are sorted by date.

 Play recordings while editing text, rewind, pause and FF. Slow down audio recordings during playback.

 View transcriptions while AI service is processing them.

 Swipe left to delete files.

 Your information, recordings and transcriptions are completely private, no information is collected, or  saved off your device.